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Data centers
and engineering systems

What is included in data centers and engineering systems?

data center infrastructure

Building a data center using advanced technologies from leading vendors. Depending on your needs, we are ready to provide a containerized or modular data center, with a configuration and design that meets your individual requirements.

Integrated systems of physical security

Development and implementation of integrated physical security systems, including design and construction of access control, burglar alarm and perimeter protection systems. We will provide reliable protection for your facility.

Automated systems
dispatching and management

Monitoring and management of engineering infrastructure to ensure a high level of service reliability. Our round-the-clock monitoring and predefined algorithms allow us to detect and fix problems before they affect performance.

Video surveillance systems  and video analytics

Ensuring the highest level of security with the most popular technical means IP video surveillance.  We offer high-quality and user-friendly video surveillance systems and are ready to help implement and maintain this solution for our clients.

Automated parking systems

Providing a new level of automated parking. Our advanced system guarantees automatic control, efficient management, prompt customer service, and precise traffic control in parking lots.

and audio systems

Providing a full range of services: from design to installation and maintenance of audio and video systems. Our audiovisual systems are highly visual, guarantee privacy, and utilize advanced data transmission technologies.

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