Construction of and commissioning of data centers:
Stationary, modular, containerized data centers for efficient automation of business and production processes.

The balance between cost and efficiency in IT is becoming critical for many companies that are addressing complex IT challenges. To achieve maximum results, businesses should consider consolidating resources and creating a data center. This strategic step opens up new prospects for introducing advanced innovative technologies and improving the efficiency of corporate systems.

Our design and installation team offers a comprehensive design of all data center systems (regardless of the level of complexity), as well as the selection of optimal equipment for life support systems. This also includes turnkey installation and additional work with subsequent maintenance.

We provide all the components of Data Centers:

Server equipment for processing different amounts of data;

Engineering equipment (air conditioning, additional power, etc.);

Security systems against unforeseen external factors (fire extinguishing, alarm, video surveillance);

Technical means of communication.

Stages of building a data center:


At this stage, the company defines the goals of the data center design, its concept, and works on the terms of reference.

Designing a data center

This includes working out complete information about what the data center will look like in the future: what tasks it will cover, how it will be formed and with what equipment, and the possibility of taking the business plan into account in the technical specifications.
At this stage, it is important to involve a team of professionals who will work out possible risks in terms of power supply and cooling of the premises to avoid negative consequences in terms of loss of the company’s material resources.


To put a data center into operation, you need to set clear rules for all employees. This will help to avoid misunderstandings, difficulties in the work of departments and define clear areas of responsibility.

Analysis and optimization

If you have a monitoring system and a system that is responsible for the functioning of all equipment, you can audit the efficiency of the systems. This will help reduce energy costs.

Therefore, the construction and commissioning of data centers means reliable operation of the entire IT infrastructure, which includes data protection against cyberattacks, efficient customer service, and savings on managing the company’s IT system.

Audit of network, infrastructure and engineering systems

Supply of equipment, materials and software

High-level design of architecture (HLD)

Audit of information and network security

Audit and design of communications and engineering systems

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