Audit of network, infrastructure and engineering systems

We modify all the company’s business processes to improve performance.

IT audit is a comprehensive assessment of all existing elements of the IT infrastructure and building a clear scaling strategy, including an analysis of the state of each business process.

To assess the state of the enterprise, our team conducts the following stages of an IT audit:

Gathering information about the current state of the company's infrastructure

We collect all the current documentation for a full analysis: information on server and storage infrastructure, information security, backup systems, etc. At this stage, we identify the reasons for the low performance of the company’s services and automatically measure the characteristics of the audited objects.

In-depth analysis of the original  data of the enterprise

We offer different types of audits, depending on the scope of the information received. From a full analysis of the entire IT infrastructure to work on a single system component. It also includes analysis of the organizational and operational part, analysis of network technical support components, and analysis of engineering systems. Thanks to this, we will draw up a step-by-step strategy plan for you to improve each element of business processes.

Recommendations for system modernization

Collecting conclusions from the audit of IT infrastructure and clear recommendations on how to eliminate shortcomings in the functioning of all enterprise systems. We will also offer options on how to modernize your IT infrastructure without any risks, at the best possible cost, and in compliance with the highest information security standards.

What you get
as a result?

Report on the state of IT infrastructure: resources of the main equipment components, as well as identified problems and risks that may affect business operations

Recommendations for eliminating existing problems

Recommendations for system modernization

What can we help with?

Audit of hardware infrastructure (analysis of all indicators: from the state of health and load of servers and storage systems to the assessment of workstations).

Audit of the existing system (monitoring of actions, planning of virtual infrastructure).

Audit of engineering systems (assessment of their functioning, correct use, analysis of problem areas and development of their modernization).

Software audit (checking for licenses and software load on the infrastructure, Patch Management).

Network audit (assessing network security, checking network policy settings, analyzing network equipment).

Audit of network infrastructure and building a Wi-Fi network.

Conduct a full audit of your enterprise IT infrastructure to scale risk-free

Supply of equipment, materials and software

Construction and commissioning of data centers

High-level design of architecture (HLD)

Audit of information and network security

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