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What is included
to corporate networks?


We build and optimize SD-WAN connections for reliable and efficient connectivity, ensuring automatic management of the corporate network.

Wi-Fi networks

We provide comprehensive services: design, construction, and maintenance of wireless Wi-Fi networks for efficient operation and convenient connection.

and network management

We offer on-premises and cloud-based tools for network management and monitoring. Centralized management will help you optimize network maintenance processes and implement network equipment lifecycle management.

video conferencing

We design and build various video conferencing solutions that provide high-quality sound and image for the best possible experience.

Network equipment

We supply not only the most advanced equipment, but also offer consultations to help you make the best choice for your network infrastructure.

Network security
and perimeter protection

We guarantee a secure and controlled connection to the network, as well as reliable protection of your business data from leakage, external attacks, and unauthorized actions of intruders.

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