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Supply of equipment, materials and software

A successful installation affects the pace of implementation of the developed IT structure of the project.In addition, a skilled installation of equipment is a kind of test of how the future IT system will be easy to use and manage, as well as whether it will be conducive to process modernization in the future.

The main stages of professional integration and customization of our team:

Selection of optimal equipment

Selection of the optimal equipment according to customer requirements, comparison of related solutions from different manufacturers and cost calculation, demo of selected solutions. In addition, if necessary, additional steps are discussed to customize related systems and integrate them.

Test operation of the system

At this stage, we carry out a full check of the solution’s functionality: we develop various scenarios, calculate current risks, and undergo load tests. Later, we collect a report with the test results, and based on the improvements, we draw conclusions and corrections.

Implementation and integration

Based on the test solution analysis data, we install, configure, and manage technological products, activate licenses, etc. We consider this stage to be key, as it is the basis for analyzing the indicators and business results that needed to be achieved through implementation. This also includes commissioning for the safe operation of the installed equipment.

Technical support

You can choose the most suitable option for technical support of equipment, maintenance of IT systems and business applications. Our technical engineers will configure the equipment, fix errors, select the optimal software versions for the equipment, and respond in time to failures or unstable operation of services

User experience

We improve the user experience of the customized technology systems: we train the client’s staff and technicians to work with the equipment and interfaces to achieve effective performance. We increase the level of technology availability for consumers to help them perform the targeted action efficiently and quickly.

Thus, you will get results only if you plan well, organize all the necessary processes, and calculate possible risks before implementation. Thanks to this approach, the company is able to reach the targets that were discussed at the beginning of cooperation. So, you have a chance to become one of those businesses that will scale without high risks and with a team of professionals with many years of experience in this field!

Audit of network, infrastructure and engineering systems

Construction and commissioning of data centers

High-level design of architecture (HLD)

Audit of information and network security

Audit and design of communications and engineering systems

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