Audit of information and network security:
Audit of information and network security:
What is its purpose?

To identify vulnerabilities in the company’s local network. This will allow you to analyze the current level of cybersecurity of the enterprise and reduce the risk of confidential information leakage.

To predict possible ways, variants of external attacks on the system to provide additional control over the IS processes

To develop and launch specific recommendations that will improve information security and reduce the risk of data compromise.

Scaling any business involves not only prospects but also possible risks.We are talking about violation of information confidentiality, hacking of resources for the sake of enrichment.To prevent this, it is important to reliably protect company data from unauthorized access and know your weaknesses, which is the responsibility of a network and information security audit.

Sequence of the information security audit process:

To create recommendations that will effectively affect the security of all resources and allow for an objective assessment, our experts work in two areas:

Penetration testing

We evaluate possible threats and ways in which hacker attacks can come from, simulating the actions of intruders. This method will help identify system vulnerabilities and assess risks in the event of system interference. Based on this, we generate a report with data on the most critical areas and develop recommendations for solving them.

Security analysis

Our experts search for vulnerabilities of the object (using manual and automatic methods) and model threats. Subsequently, a comprehensive report is generated on all possible threats, as well as recommendations for improving the facility’s security system.

Benefits of conducting an information and network security audit

A way to predict in advance and influence the consequences in case of a breach of the company’s information security.

Protection against unauthorized access to company data.

Reducing the risk of leakage of important company data.

Minimize large financial losses in the event of hacker attacks.

This type of service is suitable for companies that want to ensure control over network and information security, have already experienced DDoS attacks, and those who would like to avoid reputational and financial losses.

Audit of information and network security

Supply of equipment, materials and software

Construction and commissioning of data centers

High-level design of architecture (HLD)

Audit and design of communications and engineering systems

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